Monday, 4 February 2013

Blogging is an integral part of the english curriculum.

Blogging is an integral part of the english curriculum and also otherwise because it lets your  thoughts and opinions come out in the form of writings .

I have been blogging for months now and on various different topics . My english grades have also improved , because  in my blog posts I described , narrated and debated as well.There are many reasons why a person should blog and why blogging should become an integral part of the english curriculum.Firstly it enables you to build trust . People are skeptical. People are skeptical about the various strangers on the Internet.Writing an interesting and well written blog can enable you to form the distrust to trust.Secondly it exercises your creativity.It has often been observed that the ones who are creative succeed the most.The third reason is that it is a good business model that enables you to advertise your brands and products.Fourthly in my view it is the foundation of all social media sites . You can easily put a blog that expresses yourself better unlike twitter and Facebook.

 ultimately, blogging will lead to growth as you learn about yourself, your audience and the world around you…leading to further creativity and profitable insights. 
Ruchir Arora 8RKE

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