Friday, 8 February 2013

How to write about India.

Writing about India is not really a difficult task since there are many common or rather stereotypical ideas to touch on.To start off well the title should be particularly enticing so that it attracts readers.
The title could be based on cricket, chats , bollywood, gossiping , social inequalities or just "desi tadka"or "alag  che" as they say in hindi.

To make your writing a bit different from the conventional writings in India , avoid rambling about poverty,caste,illiteracy,pollution,corruption and overpopulation.
Talk about the mystical myths of India. Talk about weird superstitions like milk falling or the black cat superstition.Talk about chaos everywhere . Talk about entangled love stories which become successful at the end.Talk about the bollywood posters and chats.Also do not forget to sing and dance while writing so that your readers fill the colorfulness and grittiness of your writing and also at the same time give a message through your writing.

It depends on what a person wants to write about India.If a person talks about Indian families .Then have a character who is extra good and a charter who is extra bad.Talk about the families exaggerating about almost everything including the silliest of things.Do not forget to mention about love stories across the bridge which is impossible and also the family members worrying too much about  each other on one hand and on the other they fight to death . Include Ram ,Shyam,Sita etc as the names.Always include the contemporary idea of good winning evil , because that is what happens in Indian families.

If a person wants to write about the daily atmosphere of India , then there is a lot to write about.
Start with writing about a scandal in an auto of India in which the person is cheated by the auto driver because he took 5 extra rupees.Continue talking about the vegetable markets. That is just too much too digest while reading.Talk about the bargaining going on. Also continue talking about the fleas playing catching above your head.Talk about squishing of tomatoes and bananas and talk about  people being over enthusiastic since they were able to save 2 rupees.Continue talking about a new bollywood release on which people are over criticizing. Talk about a cricket match of India vs Australia on which people are betting and some ready to give up there lives to be able to witness the match. Do not forget to talk about the well running business of the priests and at the same time electricity going up and down.

If you want to talk about the politics or economy of India then that is not very difficult . Mention Sonia Gandhi,Manmohan Singh and Anna Hazare.Please mention about the growth of India rather than just poverty.Even if slow there is growth and it is not long before India will have one of the best economy in the world.
Lastly please mention about the rich heritage and close knit bonds which are only in India.

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