Monday, 25 February 2013

I found what is the what very fantasizing as I read through the book until page 288. I have caught up with the story well until the page 288. I felt that the content was clear and coherent helping me to be able to swiftly read the entire story. Every part of the story was organized well and was so interesting that it did not let me leave the book. The parts in which Valentino is in Atlanta and then the part as a lost boy both the parts were equally breathtaking. However there were many parts in the story that did not particularly entire me . Firstly there were many mature topics discussed that were relatively difficult to digest. Secondly in many parts of the story I felt that there was irrelevance to what and where Eggers wanted to take the  story to. Also for certain contents there was too much description that is detailed description , so in most of the places in the story the story was not concise making the story slow and difficult to read through.Like the part in which he describes about the basketball match and the scene in America there is too much description which was not really necessary.Also Eggers story does not look very organized . He talks about so many things and many of the things just pop up randomly in a chapter that at times diverted the readers from there clear understanding of the story. However for me this story is not just a book but a source to show me and tell me what life actually is and taught me the fact that  I should value life and what life has given me. I got to know more about so many things like the SPLA, the terrain and culture of Sudan,slavery,cattle culture,lost boys,diaspora,hunger ,history,war and tribes.The research process added a spark to my reading experience.

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