Friday, 8 February 2013

MY TRIP TO FRANCE...........

My trip to france ....
 Recently in the december holidays  I visited France . It was a part  of learning french.I had never visited a more beautiful place than France. Their is a famous line which I have heard from 
most of the natives and the non-natives that "I have never left France for hollywood or even for 
getting the chance of working in the silicon valley.  Neither will I leave France for going to heaven."

"Bonjour" was the first word I heard as I entered France by the airplane attendants . I landed 

in the charles de gulle airport in paris. I loved the ambience in france and I did get an extraordinary 
feeling as I stepped out of the airport.Over the next few days I had a great time in France visiting the
Eiffel Tower , the museum of louvre and the museum of orsay  as well. The best part were the
restaurants where I experienced the french cuisine . 'Bon appetite ' as they say.the deserts were extraordinary . My  favorite being creme du brûlée. 

Having a prejudiced nature , I had built an opinion on france however my opinion completely changed when  I interacted with the french people.They were fun to mingle with since they had a cheerful and fun nature.Over the next few days I enjoyed dining and dancing with the french.

What an experience an as they say in french"c'etait unexpérience inoubliable , oh la!la!"

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