Friday, 15 February 2013


Photograph is enthralling because it is both an art and a science.It is an art over which the photographer has a creative control but only to a certain extent.You can only take photos of what is there.Basically you need to find a good subject.. The truly great photographers are those who can see through there mind's eye, the photograph that they can create through there vision , artistry and skill.Vision comes first .If you cannot see the potential you can never be a good photographer . On the contrast artistry can be learnt and developed .You can read a book or even take lessons.You can learn from a great practitioner as well.Next comes skill.This is the technical part.Skill is exercised long before you even start to look for a subject.It is based on several factors and scientists say that such skills are not genetical but comes from practice.Experience teaches you all of this , there is no other way to learn than to try, possibly to fail,but to learn from the experience and improve.This is what marks out photographers from those who merely take snapshots .All photographers pursue the goal of perfection . In this process though they take some beautiful pictures which give them joy afterwards.

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