Friday, 15 February 2013

what is the what

Having read 200 pages of what is the what I would like to share my experience with you.
Initially as I started reading the book I felt that the story was a contemporary story of a man's life.As I continued reading I realized that the story being a fictional one could still bring me closer to the truth than any other news article or documentaries.As I read the insightful story by Eggars I was shocked and at the same time pitied Valentino as he had seen so much at a pretty young age.There were parts in the story where I had to close the book and digest the facts while there were points where I couldn't take of my eyes from the book.In my view this story is an absolute classic because there is humor and terror in the story . The story is moving , insightful and compelling.It shows the idea of human resilience over tragedy and disaster. I learnt about many new things and and am really excited to get even more closer to the truth.I have had a great time reading this book until now.

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