Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hard Work

Till last november I did not know anything about french other than "Bonjour" I knew that in UWCSEA I was going to be doing french and I knew that some the kids there would even have a 3 year experience in french.I was terrified and was kind of being lazy initially because I knew  that this was not my piece of cake . We humans have a nature and that is to resist things that are difficult to do and we claim such things as "IMPOSSIBLE"My mom told me that I needed to work hard and the fact that I was in a situation equivalent to a sinking boat.But I thought what is my definition of hard work?In my view hard work is that which challenges you?But then I thought that why not do the easiest rather than something that challenges you?

Well over a course of 2 months I have got the answers to these questions.Most people do the easiest and avoid hard work and thats precisely why you should do the opposite.The weak and superficial opportunities will be attacked by hordes of people searching for something easy to do.The real and golden opportunities will have much less competition and much less opportunities at the same time.Well this was what I started my hard work with  and it is a good and encouraging ideology to keep in mind.

Is it easy?Yes all of us working hard some or the other way in our daily lives. Being healthy is hard-work. Getting organized and managing time well is also hard work.Making goals and trying to follow and work towards them at all times is an example of a really hard work.Being happy is also  hard work:)

However it is important to have discipline in order to work hard and achieve something.When I started studying french I had irregular study patterns and at times spending days without even opening the french books.This will not work at all .Hence discipline is needed to work hard and achieve something.Another very good example of the need of discipline in hard work is losing weight.You need to have a disciplined diet and exercise otherwise things will not work out.

Your life will reach a whole new level if you stop fearing and avoiding hard-work so much instead surrender yourself completely to it and make it your friend instead of your enemy .And that  is what I did and in my last french test I scored full marks.

we must at the same time remember that in the modern generation along with hard-work even smart work is necessary . So use these holidays to excel something in which you undertake and work hard to achieve it.


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